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Homeopaths without borders
Homeopaths without borders (HwB) is an international organisation with branches in all parts of the world. The federation was founded in France in 1984. The foremost objective of the international organisation has been inspired by the World Health Organisation: access to healthcare for everyone.
HwB has a mission to attain this objective by educating as many people as possible in homeopathic healthcare. They achieve this by organising educational projects in close cooperation with the local healthcare system and authorities. These projects are run by volunteers.

The Homeopaths without Borders Netherlands foundation (HzG) was established in 1991 by enthusiastic homeopathic doctors and classical homeopaths. Since then, the foundation has been active in Ghana, Bosnia, Benin, Georgia (EU), Kenya and Uganda.
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Training on the job model
Right from the start, HwB has been teaching in areas where healthcare was short of doctors, specialists, nurses, midwifes and other healthcare practitioners. HwB educates these people so they can offer homeopathic healthcare themselves.

HwB applies the Training on the job model; as part of the educational training HwB treats people in for instance outpatients’ clinics and refugee camps. By the certificate course Train the Trainer, HwB teaches the best students to train new students. This closes the circle and makes it possible for these new homeopathic professionals to function as a local self-supporting occupational group. They can also become members of the international organisation of homeopaths. HwB offers the supervision, coaching and continuing education when needed.
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